Kate MacGregor, Editor

Kate MacGregor grew up in the publishing industry, reading manuscripts for her father (long-time industry leader Chip MacGregor) from an early age. She has spent the last several years working behind the scenes at the MacGregor Literary Agency, primarily reviewing manuscripts and offering developmental editing insights. She has discovered a number of the agency’s talented authors, edited proposals for publisher review, written and edited industry magazine articles, and helped make many an author’s manuscript marketable and readable. (She also is educated in aerial acrobatics, but that’s really beside the point.) Kate’s longtime presence at a literary agency has given her an invaluable understanding of the publishing industry and what publishers and readers are looking for in a good book. Having graduated from Portland State University with an emphasis in English and Linguistics (splitting her time between Spain, Paris and Portland), and being surrounded by stories and storytellers since birth, she adores the beauty of language and the thrill of a well-developed tale.


“I just had to write you to tell you how impressed I am with Kate’s developmental edit!  I am so excited right now! Her comments and suggestions are going to make my manuscript into an entertaining, engaging (and marketable) novel. [She was] the perfect choice for my editor!  Kate is insightful, talented and engaged…and now I’m full of hope and anticipation after Kate did her thing. Thank you!”
Roger Spielmann, novelist

“Kate has a keen ear for language and a strong sense of story building and market appeal. I’ve trusted her with some of my most important clients’ material for years now.”
Chip MacGregor, President of MacGregor Literary agency

The Plum Blooms in Winter won the ACFW Genesis contest. Needless to say, this was a complete dream come true for me! And I know it would not have happened without you. I’m pretty sure the MSS [from] last spring would not have won. So I am deeply grateful to you for this honor and opportunity!”
Linda Thompson, novelist