“There are three rules for writing a novel.
Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” 

 W. Somerset Maugham

Holly Lörincz is an experienced, mulit-published collaborative writer (sometimes referred to as a ghostwriter), currently ranked as one of Amazon’s top #25 Kindle Biography/Memoir writers, and in the top #100 Biography/Memoir writers in Print.


If you are seeking someone to take over your writing project, you’ve come to the right place. Whether creating a manuscript through interviews and research, drafting a cohesive text or story from multiple writings, turning a screenplay into a novel, or re-writing a manuscript, Holly is a capable and loyal partner.

 Her collaborative books of note are:

 Step By Step Pitches And Proposals: A Workbook For Writers                             with Chip MacGregor (Benchmark Press 2015)

How Do I Find A Literary Agent? And 101 Other Questions Asked By Writers     with Chip MacGregor (Benchmark Press 2015)

How To Survive a Day in Prison  with John Fuller (Skyhorse Publishing 2017) 

Crown Heights with Colin Warner and Carl King                                                                A true crime memoir, used to launch Amazon’s newest Imprint Kindle Singles      in December 2017, and is a companion to the Amazon Original movie Crown Heights.

Pursuing Justice with Sharon R. Muse, JD                                                                A true crime memoir, soon to be part of a Discovery Channel series                     Set to be released June 2018 (Skyhorse Publishing).

The Everything Girl: A Novel with L.E. Malaki, releasing June 2018 (Skyhorse Publishing).

Two more collaborative novels are set to be released July 2018 with St. Martin’s Press, written with reality TV star Evelyn Lozada.

Every collaborative project is different, so please contact her or her agent directly to discuss referrals, quotes, and eligibility. You can reach Holly at or literary agent Chip MacGregor at



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