“It takes great courage to write great books.
Find your courage and find your voice.” 
Kristen Lamb

If you’re new to self-publishing, the landscape can be imposing and confusing. There are many platforms, formats, and sales avenues to consider. We can help you cut though the noise and find the solution that’s right for your book, budget, and audience. Tell us your needs and we can come up with the answer to meet your publishing goals! Click here when you’re ready to talk to us.

You will notice our fees are extremely competitive—for more information about industry-standard rates, see the Editorial Freelance AssociationWe can usually schedule a formatting job to begin within 2-6 weeks. Once we begin, our turnaround time is generally 7-14 days. Our specialists are experienced and highly qualified (see Credentials).

EBook or POD Design
We will take your finished text (if you require proofreading, please see the Services page) and prepare it to be published as an eBook or Print On Demand (POD) book.

Depending on your needs, we can create the proper files for any of these online publishers: CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, and Ingram Spark. We’re happy to help you choose the proper publishers and platforms for your project as well. We can also create PDF or other eBook formatted files that you can sell directly from your own website.

Authors must supply their own front cover (for eBooks), or front and back cover and spine (for POD). We have a list of cover artists we trust at the bottom of this page.
A basic, professionally formatted eBook or POD book starts at $195
Or get both the eBook and POD formatted files for $295
Some extra fees apply for things like embedding graphics, photos, very long books, combining multiple files, or complex formatting of scientific/technical information

Uploading an eBook or POD
We will set up CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, and/or Ingram Spark accounts in your name, and then upload your already formatted manuscript and cover material. We will need some information on your desired format, a short description, and author’s bio. Once the content and the cover are approved by the publishers (1-3 days), we finalize the upload, and make your book available for purchase. We will then turn over the account to you so you can enter your own banking information and change the password so we can no longer access the account.
A professionally uploaded eBook or POD book is generally $75 per publisher 
Or get both formats for $100 per publisher

Package Deal – Formatting and Uploading an eBook or POD
See the above descriptions for service details. Combine both the above services for economical and stress-free publishing.
A professionally formatted and uploaded eBook/POD starts at $250

Marketing Services for eBook/POD
There’s a lot to think about when publishing your book, even after all the writing, editing, and formatting is done. To maximize your visibility and sales, Amazon and other platforms require carefully constructed, keyword-rich listings that are professional and appealing. Picking the right listing categories and setting an attractive visual and written tone for your specific audience and platform also contributes to more people being exposed to your work.

We offer marketing research and copy-writing services for all the major online publishing platforms that makes your work stand out and get noticed. Costs vary by platform and project, starting at $150 for professional keyword and demographic research and an Amazon listing based on that research.

Editing Back Cover Copy
We will read over your back cover copy, assessing it for errors, awkward phrasing, design issues, and marketing appeal. Editing suggestions will be truthful and constructive.
A professional review of the back cover copy is $50

ISBN Services
We offer ISBNs for your self-publishing needs, and can help you decide between using your own ISBN or the free ones supplied by some online publishers. To make sure you retain all the rights to your work and make the most profit, you will need your own ISBN for each format of your book.
We offer individual ISBNs for $35

Cover Designers
Lorincz Literary Services does not provide cover designs at this time, but here are a couple of designers we work with — and like!

More services are offered in the pull-down menu!

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